Tourism is Zimbabwe’s fastest-growing industry. The country offers a large variety of scenery, one of the African continent’s finest and largest concentrations of wildlife. Places of interest include the Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), Hwange National Park, Kariba, Gonarezhou National Park, Eastern Highlands, the Great Zimbabwe Monument, and Nyanga.

All these main attractions in Zimbabwe are accessible through road rail and air transport. There is local flights which connects main tourist attractions. There are also charter flights which connects with to remote arrears.

The road network is the popular transport system in Zimbabwe. With scheduled luxury coaches which connects big cities. However you need not to worry about your transport around Zimbabwe, We are connected throughout the country. We have safe mode of transport to your preferred destination.


For most tourists & travellers, the good news is that the visa process is fairly simple and doesn’t require much planning. Visa requirements differ with nationality. There are three categories of nationalities, each of which have different visa requirements. We have summarised the categories below, as well as the visa application details for each. Always double check visa requirements before travelling as this can be reviewed timeously.


Zimbabwe is nowhere near as dangerous as other global societies and the media makes out and all up it’s a very safe country to visit. There are crime issues and incidents like any other African countries or anywhere in the world the usual theft and crimes occurs
The situation in Zimbabwe is calm. However, ongoing political developments may result in further demonstrations or celebratory gatherings, especially in urban areas.

There’s a moderate level of crime in Zimbabwe. Remain vigilant, especially after dark, and make sure accommodation and vehicles are secure.

  • Always carry identity documentation or a copy of your passport.
  • Holiday and business visas are available at the port of entry. Don’t violate the conditions of your visa.
  • Availability of fuel fluctuates. Keep cars topped up and carry sufficient fuel for long journeys.

We have a multi-currency economy but almost all transactions are conducted in US dollars. Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a shortage of cash. It may not be possible to make cash withdrawals using an international bank card. Make sure you have enough money in US dollar notes for your visit, or check with your tour operator that card payments will be accepted. In November 2016, Zimbabwe introduced “bond notes” as legal tender. Officially these are at 1:1 parity with the US dollar and are only legal tender within Zimbabwe.

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