Village Tour & Craft Market

This is a ‘must visit’ traditional open Curio Market where you find everything a Zimbabwean hand can make, from batique, drums, marimbas, to wood and stone carvings of your choice. What a way of taking great memorabilia of Victoria Falls back home.
Traditional Village Tours
Prepare to be amazed as you enter a different world, The African homesteads where a unique way of life continues as it has done for centuries. You are taken to an authentic rural village approximately 20km from Victoria Falls town where you will be given the opportunity to watch local villagers going about their daily tasks. The tour enables you to see rural life first hand; visiting rural homes, watching their fields being tended and possibly getting the chance to voluntarily participate and help in some of the day-to-day chores, like cooking, fetching water etc.
The tour includes homestead visits, local school visit & lastly township Tour. You will have an opportunity to observe township-life – from the oldest houses to the taverns, the local market and churches. You can also voluntarily bring any kids stuff like toys, sweets, stationery, etc to hand out to the children during the visit. Or buying basic food stuffs for the families. [This is not a must] It does make a difference in their lives.
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Bridge Tour

The Victoria Falls Bridge was built in 1905 using revolutionary engineering methods for its day. The Historic Bridge Tour is a journey through 100 years of Victorian engineering to the heart of Cecil John Rhodes’ vision of a Cape to Cairo railway. The Tour includes a light hearted but informative talk on the history of the bridge, magnificent views of the rapids, rainbows and majesty of the Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorges on the walkways actually underneath the bridge.
It really is a wonderful family experience full of theatre, facts and adventure set against the glorious backdrop of the Victoria Falls which can be enjoyed by all ages. You will get to know how and why the bridge was constructed, the enormous problems they encountered and how they overcame them. It’s enthralling and fascinating.
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