White Water Rafting

The Greatest One-Day White Water Rafting experience in the world! Get ready for a wet, ADRENALIN-filled day down the mighty Zambezi River. View the spectacular scenery of the gorge; learn about the vegetation and wildlife, while you raft your way down the mighty Zambezi River.
Follow the rigors of the Mighty Zambezi as you raft down the river, with each day bringing new challenges in the rapids you encounter. Spend nights by the sandy river banks under the stars and enjoy the scenery which comes with the Batoka Gorge. Make your choice from our range of trips which include: Full day rafting and multiday trips.
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Bridge Slide

“The Longest slide in Victoria Falls…”
The Bridge Slide offers you a remarkable opportunity of sheer fun in front of the falls. The slide begins on the Zambian bank of the gorge and ends on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge. As the client slides from the gorge towards the bridge, they get an incredible view of the falls and the bridge during this amazing BIG AIR EXPERIENCE.
The 107 year “Grand ol’ Dame” Bridge is suspended between 2 countries and the only place in the world that you get to slide in no-man’s land.
Just step off the edge of the gorge and slide towards the bridge.
The slide platform consists of two areas, one of which is available for viewing purposes and the other is restricted solely for the slider/s and the crew. The clients are attached to the cable using a twin bearing inbound pulley that can take up 1.5 ton.
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The Gorge Swing

The Gorge Swing offers you an opportunity for an amazing BIG AIR EXPERIENCE and sheer adrenalin in front of Victoria Falls. This is without a doubt one of the most spectacular swings in the world!
You will remain in a seated position throughout the recovery and can enjoy the view of both the fall and the bridge. The swinger is recovered to the winch platform and then walks out in the same manner as the bungee jumpers and come out on the Zambian side of the bridge!
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Bungee Jump

Pure Adrenaline!!!!!!!!!
Located on the Victoria Falls Bridge, you will get to experience 111 meters of sheer adrenalin, as you plummet into the gorge towards the mighty Zambezi. This is without a DOUBT one of the most spectacular jumps in the world! 4 seconds of free fall, of speeds up to 120km/hr.
Yes. If you are a first timer we suggest that you dive head first, bound at the ankles. This is the most common jump position and most natural feeling because it feels like diving into a swimming pool, except it’s the mighty Zambezi River racing down the Batoka Gorge 111 meters below the bridge!
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Flying Fox

You get clipped into a harness which is attached to a pulley which then glides along an almost horizontal cable across the gorge, 125m above the valley floor. This gives you the sensation of flying. It looks tame in comparison to the Foofie slide and Gorge swing, but we promise you this is still a thrilling experience, and requires great courage.
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The zipline runs 120m above the Batoka Gorge, spanning 425m from one side of the Zambezi to the other. On the zipline ride, a real adrenaline high, you are harnessed and then launched into the deep gorge, rushing across the scenic chasm at speeds of up to 106 km’s on a pulley. This is the longest zip line in the world and is suitable for all ages.
The experienced guides will make you feel at ease as you take a leap of faith knowing that they are backed up with a 100% safety record, 17 years of experience under their belt and a team willing to make this adrenaline kick a breeze. Enjoy our solo jumps and tandem jumps.

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